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The Short of it…
Tina Parise Baber is no stranger to design or The Divine! During Covid yoga studio props were no longer available to use so she had to purchase her own. How does one carry all of the necessities…? One day coming out of Shavasana (Corpse pose) on her mat in Gallatin, TN “m.a.t.” (mindful about things) was born! Tina has become more mindful than ever of herself, her community and ways to make what we carry stylish and SIMPLE!

Short Story Longer…

“Having no business doing business but doing it anyway!” should be Tina Parise Baber’s book title to encourage every entrepreneur. The hustle is in her blood, from selling potholders door to door as a child in St.Louis, Mo. to spending summers studying dance and working at Bloomingdale’s in NYC at the tender age of 15. A former Broadway dancer, Tina chose to withdraw from the Industrial Product Design program at Cooper Union after her fiancés tragic and untimely death. Somewhat on a whim, she founded “PARISe,” a home accessories line, with worldwide headquarters in NYC's Meat Packing district, above “Lamb Unlimited” and next to the infamous restaurant “Florent.” It was a hit, "PARISe" product was featured in just about every home decor magazine, catalog and newspaper. Thirty plus years later, with a lot of Divine intervention along the way, she began to practice Yoga. During Covid the studio no longer provided props - everyone had to purchase their own. Tina initially used a strap to carry her mat, then started to roll her blanket with her mat. Easier to carry but what about the other props? An IKEA bag fit everything but was hard to pack, and loud. The answer came on her mat, coming out of Shavasana (Corpse pose) — a Divine Design vision of a simple carrier that wraps around the props with a simple closure. And that’s how “m.a.t.” mindful about things was born, solving a style dilemma while making Tina even more mindful of herself, her community and ways to make what we carry stylish and SIMPLE.



The Sewing Training Academy (STA) is helping to bridge the gap between the lack of workers skilled in industrial sewing and the abundant jobs available in the field.

The STA is a program of Catholic Charities and was established in collaboration with the Van Tucker, formerly of the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA). Since our inaugural class in August 2015, we’ve trained more than 250 students in industrial sewing.

Our goal is to be a hub, not only a trusted source for employers to find great sewers to join their team, but also a place where students can learn a trade and find their own road to success. We exist to help people better their lives through sewing.


Shirley began her passion for sewing on an antique treadle sewing machine!

Her sewing and quilting gifts have been imparted to the women at “The Vince Carter Rehabilitation Center” in Bunnell Florida, “Homeward Bound” at The Sumner County Jail, and “CAP” Children Are People an after-school program for at-risk children in Gallatin, TN.

Shirley has been sewing the prototypes and samples for "m.a.t." since its conception! She is excited to see how God will continue to use her and her "Gift of The Stitch!"

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